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  • willnjoy added a comment to Recluse's blog post. May 16, 2012

    no no no not sharks….keep out of the water. Iy has turned very cold here, first snow down on the mountains brrr. Have the fire going, I guess you don’t know what cold is these days. Take care
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  • willnjoy added a comment on Recluse's photo. May 16, 2012

    so nice….lokks like fun
  • willnjoy added a comment to Recluse's blog post. July 09, 2011

    had a big scare today….Willie had a heart attack and is in hospital having tests etc and on Monday will have the camera and die done. He is fine now and bored but will be keen to know the results…..just watched our netballers beat england in the semi’s now getting ready to watch the crusaders yay……catch up soon xxx
  • willnjoy added a comment to Recluse's blog post. February 18, 2011

    sounds great…all ship shape and ready to go. You will be pleased to be back sailing. Steve may have come in contact with Sea or sand fleas…nasty little critters, dare I tell you this we desperately need rain and sounds like none until the end of March already the grass is drying out and rather parched looking. Take care and keep in touch..xx

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