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  • viv added a comment to caroleneedham's blog post. August 13, 2011

    Lovely to be able to follow your travels….I see above that Brian can still jump, so you must both be fit….!!!Weather here AWFUL – usual British summer, but we’re OK. We went on a Canadian holiday recently and met up with Phil and Liz Dearden on the Alaskan Cruise bit- needless to say – a good time was had by all….!!!Look forward to more news from you- keep well.Luv Viv xx
  • viv added a comment to caroleneedham's blog post. June 18, 2010

    oth- good to hear that all is well, especially with the food and drink!!! All the ‘old Shell crowd ’ send their love. We had a great BBQ last Sunday- it POURED with rain….British * weather!!! didn’t dampen our spirits though- hope you’ll make the next one – before another 50 years! Thanks for the lovely card. happy sailing- luv Viv x
  • viv added a comment to caroleneedham's blog post. June 02, 2010

    So pleased you’re back ‘on board’…hope all went as well as possible with the events at home and that you’re feeling better about your very sad loss. it’s our Golden Wedding (50 years!!!!!!!!!!!)on the 11th June- we’re having a BBQ on the 13th- Dave Pickwell etc are coming- looking forward to it- just like old times. Hope the trip continues to go well. Love Vivien
  • viv added a comment to caroleneedham's blog post. April 02, 2010

    Solar Panels on a boat- how cool is that!!! We’re off to South Africa for 3 weeks, next Wed. A BIG tour from Victoria Falls to Capetown with safari’s etc in between so will look forward to catching up when we return. It’ll be quite different to the trip we did in Feb to the Antarctic..Solar panels would have been welcome there…Brrr……Brilliant though!! Love Viv Edge.x
  • viv wrote into caroleneedham's guestbook for Retirement on 'Endeavour' March 27, 2010

    Hi Brian and Carole.. I’ve left a comment after your blog. Glad to hear all is OK- Happy Sailing..again!!!!!!!!!!! Viv Edg. x

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