Harmony's Maiden Voyage

N 38° 57' W 74° 54'

Day 85 to 89

May 17, 2008

We had planned to stop at Annapolis MD next, about 45 miles north of Solomons, but after the weather delays we felt we should make more progress; we are feeling the pull of home more strongly every day.  So we left at sunrise, and headed back out to the Chesapeake where conditions couldn’t have been more different than our last sortie: flat calm, glassy smooth water, not a breath of wind, it was quite a relief.  The tide was in our favor most of the way up the bay and the wind did pick up enough that we could raise the mainsail later on, so we travelled over 90 miles, our longest day yet.  We passed by Annapolis around noon, and under the William P Lane Jr Memorial Bridge, a huge span across the bay.  We dropped anchor just before sunset in the mouth of the Bohemia river and retired pretty soon after, knackered.

We were 8 miles south of the C and D Canal, and left before sunrise to catch the outgoing tide on the other side of the canal.  We were dwarfed by all manner of cargo boats along the way, and passed under a bunch more bridges, and by several navigational aids in the middle of the Delaware Bay (see photo of lovely pink one), but with no wind at all we had to motor all the way.  Dickie created another delicious mid-bay lunch and we arrived at Cape May in New Jersey after another 80 miles or so.  There we anchored just of a coast guard training facility and could hear a drill sergeant bellowing at the recruits till late that night. The next day it was gray, cold and forecast for high winds, so we checked into a marina for a day or two to wait for better weather to head up the outside of NJ coast.

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