Harmony's Maiden Voyage

N 37° 33' W 76° 20'

Day 77 to 78

May 09, 2008

We woke up and got ready for the 8am opening of Great Bridge bridge.  Thankfully, all was much calmer after the day before and we locked through with 3 motor cruisers and travelled with them the last 12 miles of the ICW to Norfolk VA; there were several bridges which would have to open for us and the bridge tenders like you to stay in a bunch.  Norfolk is a major city and shipping hub: there was loads of traffic on the river, navy ships, coastguard cutters, cargo ships, tugs and ferries, along with pleasure craft like us; it was quite something. As we headed towards Chesapeake Bay in the middle of Norfolk we passed red buoy # 36 and the official beginning of the ICW, mile marker 0. That makes 1080 miles aboard Harmony since we begun February 20th.    

Chesapeake Bay is huge, about 200 miles long and 50 miles wide in places, and it is very impressive.  The weather was perfect, blue skies and calm seas with 10 knot winds. We stopped for a swim and afterwards while I took the helm, dickie prepared the most delicious shrimp for lunch. It was a perfect day on the water. At about 7pm we anchored in Jackson creek for the night about 55 miles up the Bay, looking forward to another few days on the Chesapeake.

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