Harmony's Maiden Voyage

N 43° 45' W 70° 04'

Casco Bay, ME.

October 10, 2008

In September we decided to head north again partly to escape the ravages of hurricane Hannah as it made it’s way north up the coast, and partly to finish sailing the eastern seaboard of the US, adding the waters of New Hampshire and Maine to the states we have visited aboard Harmony. We sailed up Buzzards Bay and through the Cape Cod Canal, our first trip under the canal bridges instead of the usual drive over them which was cool.

Casco Bay is gorgeous, and awash with hundreds of little islands with many excellent anchorages.  However we arrived in the thickest fog I have ever seen, EVER!  It was like being in the middle of a cotton wool ball, nothing but white puffiness pressing in around us.  And it just so happened that we were approaching our first anchorage in Diamond Cove; I was on the bow straining my eyes to see anything, muffled fog horns blew and the bells on various buoys clanged, and a seal popped up feet away from me, the first of many we would see during our trip. Thankfully Dickie had the trusty GPS to help him negotiate the approach to the harbor, he was otherwise blind.  We grabbed the first mooring we came across and breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.   About half an hour later the fog lifted suddenyl and we saw to our shock and surprise a sheer rockface rising up from the water only yards away from us, that had been completely invisible.  The next morning we were shocked to see a boat on the rocks too, it makes you shudder.

The next night we docked at a marina in Portland, as the remnants of hurricane Hannah passed through, it poured with rain but wasn’t too windy and we certainly made the most of the shore leave! 

During the rest of the trip we had some very lovely weather and some not so lovely, we had a couple of chilly swims and some great sails and hardly used the engine at all.  However on the journey back it spluttered to a halt when we were 12 miles off shore; thankfully it was flat calm, with hardly a breath of wind, so evetually we got towed into Gloucester MA by nightfall;  there the tow boat deposited us at the dock of Brown’s Marina, a great spot.  Gloucester is a historic fishing port and became famous following the book and film Perfect Storm, it is full of character and characters.  Once again we met some really interesting people and had a grand old time shooting the shit over a few beers.  After the mechanic we called didn’t arrive Dickie found the problem (a leaky fuel line) and fixed it. 

We left at sunrise the next day and made it back home again without further incident. Thank goodness. 


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