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Shameless Self-promotion!

October 10, 2008

As we had suspected all these years prior to owning a boat, Cape Cod and the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, provide everything you could hope for as far as cruising goes.  This summer has been a joy, we have made many short trips around the local waters.  We anchored in Nantucket harbor which is enormous and very sheltered on a couple of different occasions, which makes for a cheap way to visit this otherwise very expensive island; we also anchored in the Martha’s Vineyard harbors of Edgartown, Vineyard Haven and Lake Tashmoo.

Our biggest stretch aboard Harmony came in September when we sailed north for 2 and a half weeks to Casco Bay in Maine, and I have posted a separate entry on this blog about this trip.  Unfortunately with the arrival of the fall, we must now haul Harmony out for her first New England winter in the historic port of Fairhaven MA.  She and we would love to be heading south right about now, but given the current economic situation we will be staying put!

And now for the shameless bit: In order to fund our next big adventure aboard Harmony whenever that is and wherever that may lead us, I have posted some of the photos from this blog at the following web address where they can be purchased in the form of cards, calendars, and pretty much any product you could imagine that can have a photo printed on it (tshirts,posters, mugs etc).  If you have a particular favorite photo let me know, otherwise Ill be posting a selection of them there.  In particular, for all those ICW fans, there is a 2009 calendar available.

Here is the website address, I hope you like it:






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