Caribbean Cruising

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Guadaloupe - Deshaies

March 15, 2012

We set sail at 0300hrs and after an uneventful night sail arrived at Deshaies and were anchored by 0900hrs.  We had porridge on route and each had a further hours sleep so arrived fairly fresh.

The town is a quaint 2 street affair that gave us fresh bagettes and pastries.  We mavelled at the diving pelicans fishing in their kamakazi style.

I repaired the dodger which had come off when we broached coming up the leeward side of Dominica.  Katabatic or tumbling winds hit us at 33 knots and over powered our genoa until we were tipped on our side.  Although we then spun into wind and rigvhted immediately.  The force of water on the dodger broke the cable ties.  Soon fixed and now as good as new.

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