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Farewell St Lucia

March 09, 2012

After Rob and Julie left us in Soufriere we sailed to Marigot Bay again.  There we cleaned and tidied the boat and carried out a few minor tasks.  Then we met Becce and Kieth who we first met in a bar in Soufriere.  The couple are on a 42’ charter boat for the month.  We invited them for sundowners and spent a very pleasant couple of hours with them.  They even brought their own ice!!!  The next day they invited me to take a hike up the hill along a goat trail.  The sun must have got to me because I said yes and joined them up the hill.

Next day we left for Rodney Bay.  We caught up with Sol Surfin, bumped back into Keith and Becce and went for sundowners on “Mr Mac” and “Celebration”.  We had booked out ready for the next part of our adventure and restocked on our supplies from our own special delivery fruit and veg man.  Next stop Martinique at Fort de France.

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