The History of sailing boat

N 23° 53' E 118° 49'

Oh~YEAH!!~Yahoo~then my dream come true~

October 10, 2011

We came, docks dock is full of all kinds greatly small boats, Sailing ~ ~ as often in the TVB the TV of those of the same, we are some small excited!!!!!!!!!! Later we sit on the sailing ship, brave the wind and waves, setting sail to go for it!!!!!! And a steering ‘the captain’ oh ~ ~ ~ Though not the yacht but this little sailing boat and don’t have a different taste! Listen to the captain explain all the way to the greatly small things about sailing. Blown head on sea breeze, really pretty High, the mood of my head began to build out a beautiful picture scroll, the blue sky, white clouds, the shimmering adrift on the sea with a sailing ship ~ if can lay on the deck enjoy the sunshine, this moment to another cup of coffee, wow ~ ~ this way of life is also the comfortable!!!!! (but these do not belong to the class of people we leisure activities) but I’m still enjoy them to beautiful life, beautiful mood.
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