To the Med via the French canals


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howards October 04, 2011 at 05:59 PM

Hi Popeye and Olive, Howard here.

Enjoyed the blog and slideshow of your photos. I know that SW English coast well from the landward side (among my forebears were Cornish and Plymouth people so trips that way were almost an obligation when we settled back in England; and my sister is in Exeter and lectures in Plymouth). After Bridport I know the South Coast eastward less well, transitting it only as a ferry passenger en route to France from various terminals over the years; and of course arriving ex Cape Town at Southampton early on a bitterly cold morning in January 1967.

Gwennol looks lovely and seems to ‘belong’ in the settings of the photos more than the Brittany Ferry of the square rigger for that matter.

I now have two blogs to follow – yours and my niece’s. She’s studying politics and Pharsi at SOAS and with aspiratiosn ars a writer and foreign correspondent travels widely – so far I have followed here blog and her footsteps through China, Tibet, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt and Zanzibar, with her comments from Egypt this immediate past July being of particular interest.