Bahamas Bound

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Good Memories

July 17, 2011

We woke up early and pulled out of Swansboro at 6:30 am. The scenery was splendid: to the East a sun rising like a tangerine on a honey lake, to the west a full moon waving in a tender blue sky… Dazzled by this atmosphere, we didn’t notice when we left the dock that we were going too far to the south, and it was very “confusionnant” (as Christian said , his favorite expression when he feels embarrassed, making a typical anglicizem that makes Anne laugh…). Because we thought we were going North East, we left the red marker on port side, instead of starboard and ended up stuck in a maze shoals for a 15 min. But Christian stayed self-assured and cleaned up this mess easily. Then we enjoyed our last, well deserved and friendly, breakfast in the cockpit, enjoying the beauty and serenity of the nature at the beginning of the day. We sailed for two hours in a narrow part of the Intracoastal, passing a lot of flat sand islands where different kinds of birds were fishing. At 11 am, we reached Morehead and docked “Woza Moya”. The weather was hot and beautiful, but we were a bit sad to have to leave our “floating house”. Thanks Allan, thanks Christian for allowing our little crew of novices to share this cruise. We’ll keep delightful and amazing memories and pictures of it ! (Anne and Juliette).

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