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Some recovery

July 23, 2011

Last night was one of the better nights (for me and my dad). Christian was going to do the whole night shift and then my dad would take over really early. So I was going to have the hardest work of all, sleeping. Rudy was still taking watch of the inside of his eye lids so he was out of the picture. I went to sleep. Apparently Rudy rose from the dead last night and was helping Christian. He went back to sleep and my dad didn’t do a shift. So in the morning my dad was so exhausted from, oh yea nothing, that he told me to help Christian. I walk up stairs and I see him asleep. I stay up there until my dad comes up and let christian go to sleep. We didn’t have much wind and eventually no wind. We motored for a while, while we we’re At empty. We managed to get to the fuel dock and refuel. We went to the dock right next to the fuel dock. We wanted to go to the pool and christian wanted a shower. We went to the pool and my dad goes to jump it and it was only 3 1/2 feet deep and hit his knees. We we’re in the pool when it started to thunder. We got out and went to a small restaurant that wasn’t open. It started to pour so we went to the bathrooms and stayed there for a while. We decided to go the restaurant where we planed to go to. We got there and then met up with Christian and had a big dinner. We came back to the boat and found that some of the windows were open in the cabins(not ours) so they got a bit wet. We filled up with water(by then Rudy and Christian decided to stay on the boat) and we still didn’t have motion sickness pills so me and my dad went to get some. We went to a 7 11 but they had none. We came back and had a good exit. We left the bay and still have no wind. So we are motoring and we have the radio going nice and loud. We are now headed to Deale where we are leaving the boat. Austin =)

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