Preparing to move on board

N 50° 47' W 01° 06'

Lift out at Trafalgar Wharf

July 08, 2011

Final push:

It is now time to sort the underneath of the boat.  We moved her up to Trafalgar Wharf managing just to scrape in at high tide to be lifted.  Paul from Symblast was very helpful and did me a great deal on coppercoat and the epoxy and primer.  His company also blasted the hull removing all anti-foul.  The hull was left in great shape and the rudder has some extremely minor poc marks that will easily be filled by some epoxy filler.  Very pleased with the job.

My dear friend Martin Atkinson came to visit and despite the good weather he left his motorcycle at home to run us around in his car.  Back and forth to the boat to help us load more stores as well as down to Eastbourne to help me catch up with my cousin on her birthday party.  He will always be welcome aboard and knowing Martin I expect to see him popping up aropund the world to just say hi.

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