Preparing to move on board

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The move on board

July 15, 2011

Was never going to go according to plan.  The coppercoat needed more time to cure before the boat could be shifted in the cradle, then the patches that were left behind needed to be painted, let dry and then cure or they might disolve in the water.  So we delayed our departure until August 1st with the boat going in the water at 1200hrs.

Special thanks to Marcus Collins who helped pick up our last items and take them to the boat.  To Tony (Boatyard manager at Trafalgar Wharf) who was extremely helpful even letting me run an extention lead from his office when the electricians were working on the meter supplying the boat.  To Paul from Symblast who was there at the end of the phone giving advice throughout the various stages of epoxy, primer and coppercoating and bought back unused coppercoat.

Everybody we have come in to contact throughout this process have been extremely helpful  If this is a sign of the people we will meet as our adventure unfolds then we have definitely made the right choice.

This ends “Moving Aboard” the next trip is Gibraltar Bound!!


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ackie50 August 01, 2011 at 02:26 PM

Today is your dream date.

Love and best wishes on your dream trip.

Hope to catch up with you guys in ST Malo.

safe travels.

Love martin and Julie xxxx

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