2011 : More Baltic Sea

N 55° 54' E 11° 30'


August 06, 2011

This morning we motored (into the wind) south to Holbaek. We drop the anchor and take the dinghy ashore where the very helpful phone shop man helped us to reconnect to the internet and get a Danish mobile sim card. A trip to the supermarket aswell and its back to the boat at midday.

We decide the weather looks good this afternoon, we will try and go further west. But first we have to go north out of Isjeford, and the wind has swung round, so its motor north now. 

Its an enjoyable afternoon with the sun out for a change. At 5pm we even get the Fantazolam sail out for an hour or so. Margot is suitably impressed.

Its 8pm by the time we anchor for the night, another 61NM under our belt. The NE wind we anchor in turns SE after dark and its not such a good spot. With a SW (onshore) forecast for tomorrow morning, its going to be an early start.


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