2011 : More Baltic Sea

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August 12, 2011

11th August :

Well, it was forecast to rain all day, and lived up to that. 

Peter and Leslie join us for dinner at a fantastic local restaurant. We have a window seat and look out admiring each others’ boat.

I’ve had some time to reflect on Margot’s week with us, and she got some (mostly unfortunate) firsts….

The first to be out with us in over 30 knots.

The first time we’ve done 4 consecutive days of 50+ NM each.

The first to get rain just about every day.

And one good one – The first to see the gennaker up (not counting the 5 mins with Bev and Steve).

We hope we haven’t put her off sailing.

12th August :

Peter has the day off and joins us for the day. The wind is now Easterly and we head SE to the bridge over Store Belt, the south to Sonderborg. Peter has a great time on the helm as we worked our way to the bridge. 15 knots, reef in the main, boat heeling over and he had to go and put his contacts in because of the rain !!

After the bridge we were on a reach and doing 9 knots and surfing down the waves, great fun. And it stopped raining. Just before Svendborg there is a series of short legs in the channel. We went charging up there under full sail, overtaking about 5 other boats on the way round the marks.

Svendorg was a good port. We found an alongside berth, tied up no problems. Fish shop just off the end of they quay. Lots of German boats here as they head home at the end of the season.

Leslie drove down to pick up Peter, so we had chicken and pesto pasta on board, then out to a little pub they know for a beer. Lovely.





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Margot August 18, 2011 at 12:07 AM

You forgot first to throw up on port & starboard sides of Solaro :-(

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