2011 : More Baltic Sea

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Kerteminde at last

August 09, 2011

We depart at last, the wind still westerly and 15-20 knots. We have to work into the wind for the first 20 miles, then as we turn south the wind goes NW and at last we are sailing downwind. Much easier. We are now averaging 9 knots, and touching 10 with the waves (with the main’s reef still in).

At Kerteminde we are going to visit Peter and Leslie whom we met last year, and they have allowed us to tie up alongside their boat Belona. The 2 knot current makes it a little interesting, and we nearly get all the lines on before the next rain squall comes through. Not quite though.

We will have a few days here with 30+ knots forecast tomorrow and rain all day the next.

Peter and Leslie come aboard to see Solero (we visited by car from Copenhagen last year).

10th August : Chores day. We dinghy over to the main marina to use the washing machines . A bit cheeky, but they have 6 machines and none were busy. We get the dinghy washed and dry to stow tomorrow. I defrost the freezer. We dodge the rain squalls.

Dinner is roast smoked turkey drumsticks -yummy


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