2011 : More Baltic Sea

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Another crap day

August 07, 2011

Yes, its an onshore wind this morning so by 07:30 we are away.

SW wind (of course we are heading W) so its hard going tacking upwind in 20 – 25knots, with the swell 2m. 

When the gusts get over 30 knots we decide this is will be very silly for another 4 hours, and we head downwind to Havnso harbour, where we are able to tie alongside. We’ve done 23 NM in 3.5 hours, but ultimately covered about 6 !!! We wondered why we hadn’t seen another single yacht out, and heard a radio report of a grounded yacht.

Its a quiet local harbour with not many other visitors (and no washing machine), but has the essentials : a supermarket, quaint pub, ice-cream shop and a couple of fish restaurants. We forgot to get cash out yesterday in Holbaek, and are out of luck here. There is no ATM, and while the supermarket can process a sale on our cards, it can’t give cash out. THEPUBONLYTAKESCASH !! THIS IS A CRISIS !!!!

Then a brainwave, we have some euro already ! The man at the pub will accept euro – PHEW that was close.

We celebrate Margot’s last night on board with Dave’s famous Swedish Meatballs.

They must have very clever dogs in Havnso that read signs !!



When will these SW winds stop ???

Margot is leaving today so its off to the bus stop. In the rest of Scandinavia you can pay for a bus fare with a credit card, But can you in Havnso ? NO. Luckily for us the bus driver agrees to swap our euro and pay the fares. We can get some cash out, see Margot to the train and go back to Havnso on the next bus.

We consider an afternoon departure, but the forecast is for 20 knots all afternoon. Another boat heads out though. After a thunderstorm goes through (and we are saying thank goodness we stayed put) , the wind dies down, the sun comes out, and it would have been a great afternoon to motor somewhere else. Bloody forecasts.


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