2011 : More Baltic Sea

N 55° 49' E 11° 44'

Denmark at last

August 05, 2011

The Herring Festival turned out to be a bit of a fizzer. Only 20 people or so in the marque listening to the live band, and only a few dancing. I managed to fall asleep at 11pm in spite of the music, which finished at midnight. The harbour master had been very excited to have the first ever Australian vessel stay in his harbour, and mentioned getting the local paper to take a photo! They never appeared, fortunately, and we were off to Denmark having spent the last of our Swedish Kroner.

The day started well on a reach, but before long the wind had swung onto the nose and we were tacking again most of the day to Isjeford, some 50NM in all.

We found a courtesy buoy to tie to for the night, and enjoyed our roast chicken for dinner.


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