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July 16, 2011

Enough of Norway’s northern coastline.

The southern trip we have lot of rainy days and by the time we reach Bergen again we are both keen to be back on our boat.

A friend, Tim, is already at the boat as we get back from the airport Friday evening. He will have a week on board with us.

Saturday is a beautiful day. Very sunny, check out the locals packing a little beach in the fjord. Enough wind for a great sail to Sandspollen, or Butterfly Bay as Gail calls it. Hardly a hidden gem, there must be 50 boats here, but there is plenty of room. Don’t be fooled by the map track there which shows we went a mile of two. It was up then down the fjords, 29 NM in all. 

We have found one relatively cheap item in Norway – salmon for sashimi is cheaper than in Aus. Entree for the next 3 nights is salmon sashimi. We nearly run out of wasabi ! NOOOOOOO. And the next supermarket is sold out, the Norwegians must have discovered sashimi too.

Roast chicken for dinner – no slumming it here Timbo. He declares his cooking inabilities and offers to wash up instead.


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