Endeavour's Adventures 2011

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Monday, 7th November to Monday, 14th November 2011

November 14, 2011

The Turkish people are celebrating ‘Bayrum’ and have a public holiday from 5th November to 9th November.  The boat yard has been at a standstill till Thursday when they returned to work.  On Monday, Mr. Bilgin the owner of the marina put on a free lunch ‘celebration of the sacraficial feast’ in the workers canteen for everybody.  On Thursday morning at 9.05 a.m. there was 2 minutes silence to mark the death of Kemel Attaturk, all you could hear were car horns sounding across the bay.  We are still plagued with mosquitoes and honey bees landing on the decks.  The weather is getting colder each week and on Sunday, yesterday, we had rain all day and also today it rained all day and we even had the heating on in the boat. 

A lot of friends have now left the marina but the boat yard is not as full as this time last year, maybe this is a reflection of the 30% price increase for leaving your boat on the hard standing. 

Winter activities have now commenced in the marina – mexican dominoes, quiz night, billiards, ten pin bowling, walking, film night etc and the Tuesday ‘fish and chips’ night and Friday ‘happy meal’ night in the restaurant will commence next week.  There are about 26 boats with liveaboards staying in the marina over the winter this year, this again is about half the number of boats that wintered here last year. 

On Tuesday, 8th November it was my nephew Nigel’s birthday – Happy Birthday Nigel !

We leave on Friday lunch time to spend 4 months in the UK so this will be my last posting on this blog.  Hope you have all enjoyed reading our adventures this year on ‘Endeavour’.  I may not continue writing a blog next year but may do a group email to friends and relatives who wish to follow us through our 4th year, please let me know if you wish to be added to my email list or prefer to read the blog.

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gillian November 21, 2011 at 01:34 PM

please keep us informed in the future. we really enjoy reading where you are

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