Endeavour's Adventures 2011

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Sunday 16th October - Saturday 22nd October 2011

October 22, 2011

Well today was the first Boat Jumble but not a huge success.  We went to Icemeler with Chris and Lois for a Sunday Roast Dinner at the Three Bells – the best in town.  We then walked back to Marmaris until it started raining and then caught the bus back. Continued to rain all day on Monday and then the week continued to brighten up but was a lot cooler at night.  Lois, Anna and myself had a girly shopping trip into Marmaris on Thursday and spent all day shopping for winter clothes for Lois and Anna.  The rest of the week was very pleasant with temperatures around 25 C in the day and dropping to around 16 C at night.  We have our friends, Paula and Trevor with us all next week and hope to hire a car and do a bit of sightseeing with them.  

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