Endeavour's Adventures 2011

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Saturday, 8th - 15th October 2011

October 15, 2011

Lots of rain and high winds this week, the worst being on Sunday and Monday with winds recorded at 51 knots in the marina.  On Sunday 9th we had the ‘End of Summer Party’ despite the torrential rain and thunder which wiped out all the electrics.  The buffet was excellent and the entertainment – another great party night.

On my usual shopping trip to Tansas this week, I learnt that they are closing down next week – what a shame, where am I going to shop now ?  

This week we said goodbye to more friends leaving for the UK – David and Maggs off ‘Shadey Lady’ and Sue and Les off ‘Blue Star’.  

This week there were two special birthdays – my friend Gail on the 13th October and our dear friend John Worrall, who celebrated his 89th birthday on 15th October.  

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