Jonathan-Livingston in 2011

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La Duquesa marina

December 15, 2011

Having waited in Ayamonte for a much promised delivery of cushions, Gondo and I sailed J-L overnight round into the Mediterrainean and moored in La Duquesa marina, just one hundred metres from the dreadful Angie Unwin’s workshop, and the source of our no-cushion troubles.

Webasto had returned the heater, with instructions on recommended changes, on Friday , so J-L was made independent again over the weekend, Further so, as I took the opportunity to fit a couple more solar panels to keep the batteries topped up when at anchor.

Ironic then, that our first trip was into another full service marina. Typically, a “pack them in and charge them high” mentality of Med marinas, this one uses lazy line mooring, alias shit-tie mooring. One more reason for my not liking sailing in the Med.

Tired from our overnight sailing endeavours, a couple of beers and a mexican meal was enough to have us asleep by mid-afternoon. Tomorrow the battle of the cushions will be joined.

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Edmo September 10, 2012 at 02:52 PM

Hello, if Jonathan Livingston is the original name of the boat, it could well be that she was ours in the eighties. Would be great if you could let us know something. Rgds Edy and Monique

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