Jonathan-Livingston in 2011

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Ayamonte again

November 29, 2011

I woke up early to some suspicious banging on the hull. Mist swirled around my torch. The anchor chain had cought a bundle of bamboo like reeds, which was accummulating fast. I tried proding and pushing and lifting bits out but it was growing faster than I could remove it. So, wishing my anchor well, I went back to bed after about an hour of useless work in the damp dark.

Morning came with a healthy fog hiding the river banks. At slack water, I was able to back out of the bundle, now covering twice the area occupied by the boat, and keep clear of it as the our-going tide started to reverse the flow.

I needed the out-going flow too, to reach Ayamonte from Alcoutim in 4 hours. The fog insured a stressful passage, navigating with radar and keeping close to my incoming track. The last hour was in sunshine, the fog burnt off and a lovely day ahead.

Moored in Ayamonte, I could transfer the failed Webasto heater to DHL for a warranty repair. I could use the shore power to get heat back into the boat and my bones after two nights at anchor with no heating system working. Thank heaven for warm clothing, multiple sleeping bags and a hot water bottle.

Needless to say, Angie Unwin (  failed to arrived, as she had promised, with my saloon cushions recovered. That’s 4 months after taking the old ones and 3 months late on her promised delivery date. Sometimes one falls into the hands of unreliable people.

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