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A day with "friends"

July 27, 2011

A day we had been looking forward to finally arrived with a forecast of wind rain and cold seas (again!!). It was the 27th July and you may remember that Michel and Suzanne were returning with 2 friends (Paulo and Valentine) for a days sailing. As 3 of them were hardened sailors we decided to try a sail to Porquorolles anchorage for a change and after a chat and cup of tea set off with the first of several rain showers slowing our departure. We had a nice sail to begin with but, as forecast, heavy rain set in and associatd heavy squalls (F7) so we altered course towards Port Cros anchorage and dropped the hook for a swim and lunch.

We were all soaked and enjoyed a restful lunch and time to dry out a little and chat about the day. Valentine suggested we sail around the Isle de Port Cros as she had not seen the “back” of the island before. So off we went with a main and the engine and enjoyed an hour of fantastic scenery and views on the very much untouched side of the island – lovely.

Just passing PORT Man we hoisted the Genoa and set off on a pleasnt fetch towards Bormes making 3-5 knots depending on winds strength and helmsmans concentration ( well done Paulo). About half way back the sky turned completely black the wind blew up and rain again set in for the return to port (Suzanne had offered up a prayr to the wind gods that nearly worked but just a few drops got us on the way in!)

Safely moored we all joined in a cocktail made and supplied by Michel (Caribean Agricole Rhum and lime mainly – I was on the rose- and a fruity one for the others too). A great end to a mixed day thoroughly enjoyed by all and we hope to see them again next year hopefully.

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