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Some lovely people sailing with us

July 05, 2011

We have had bookings and have been blessed with lovely people and good although varied weather. A lot has happened since the last blog; a visit to BigSis, bilge tests, day trips and the arrival of extra crew in the shape of Angie. In chronological order, here we go.

28/29 June 2011

Following the water leaks of last month and the need to check fully our bilge alarm and pumping facilities in readiness for survey later this year, we decided to go for a “full flood” test and see how we got on. All went well but we did identify a small air leak in the system resulting in a number of little upgrades and refits (it all worked but was improved enormously after the tweaks!). This was achieved over 2 days to ensure that we had removed all traces from the bilge and the myriad of stringers etc that hold water for a  long time. Anyway, it was a total success and we are now both happy that at least that part of the survey test will go well.

The following day we were not booked so we decided to visit Linda whilst she was in France and whilst we had time. It was a long (3.5 hour) drive each way but we had a great time chatting swimming and finally meeting up with her friend Gay. We really enjoyed the time with them and even more so because it constituted a mini holiday before the summer madness. We had bookings to get back o so only stayed the one night but felt like we had really had a break from the boat for a while – thanks Sis and Gay for fantastic hospitaity

1st July 2011

We were booked by the fantastic Mosbach family – a family of 4 from Germany. Andre, Doris, Anna and Tatjanna were an absolute joy to have aboard. They were all keen snorkel and swimming folk and loved the time aboard, the swim/lunch at Port Cros and the “lively” sail back in a 5 gusting 7. We all had a great time, talked about future possible sailing exploits and exchanged e-mails for future discourse. Brilliant, thanks guys we loved having you aboard and would love to see you again. I’ll keep practising my German just in case!

2nd July 2011

The following day we had acouple who had seen our advertisement on Leboncoin and requested a day trip and a little sail training if possible. Alain and Valerie were great company and Alain proved his skills as a recently qulaified “permis bateaux” throughout the day. Coming into Bormes proved particularly challenging and they both helped enormously with fending off as we manouevered into position! They also only spoke French so both Alexandra and I had to concentrate a bit harder and ended the day with a much improved vocabulary – thanks both. Also a special thanks to Alain for the carbon fibre sample which we hope to get made into a sign for Kinsale.

3rd July 2011

My old Dads birthday so we raised a glass and also went to the airport to meet our new extra crew for the week – Angie from Rochester. Brilliant seeing her and as we had the day off we got straight into cathching up with our post, my pill delivery and general gossip from home. Heres hoping the weather is good for Angies week and that she gets to enjoy crewing with our clients and gets to test her French skills! Great to see you Ange.

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