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Two great days

June 24, 2011

Day trips have begun and we had a family of four (Adriano, Tattyana, Oscar and Charis) join us for a days sailing from Bormes to Cavaliere, Le lavandou, Port Cros and back to Bormes. We went to Le Lavandou to hopefully collect 2 friends of theirs but they ended up as a no-show so we continued without them. They had found us by seeing the board outside the boat and telephoning so our advertising worked well!

The following day (23rd) we were booked by a friend of Viviannes who wanted a treat for her visiting long term friend from Paris. They duly arrived (Evelyn, Kathy and Viv) and we had a nice sail to Cavaliere, a swim some lunch and a waft back to St Claire for a second swim and melon. We had to put back into Bormes mid afternoon on the threat of bad weather and managed to beat it there for coffee and chats alongside our berth on the end of pontoon K. A lovely day again and some good pictures to share

The weather has duly arrived (F4/5 gusting 7) precluding any bookings today. Our advertising board keeps getting blown away so we are looking at different ways of nailing it down! The forecast is for this to again blow through in the next 24 hours so we are expecting a pleasant wekend. More in the next blog no doubt.

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