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A quiet life in Port of Bormes (La Faviere)

June 20, 2011

Unbelievably we have been in Bormes for a week now, the time has flown by. It has been nice spending some quality time with Viv and friends and we wrre lucky enough today to be witness to the naming ceremony and general soiree for a little motor boat on the pontoon opposite us. I took a few pictures and we had a couple printed and gave them to the proud owner this evening – he was really chuffed to bits!

We are getting along nicely with the Capitainerie and they have been kind enough to allow us to stay at one of two berths depending on whether or not we are collecting clients. So we “live” at the end of a pontoon where there is a reasonable passing public presence (advertising boards out etc..) and collect punters from a stern to mooring in the public port so that we can arrange a finite meeting point – works really well.

On Thursday we have been booked by one of Viviannes’ friends to take out a visiting lady from Paris; take them to anchor, have a swim, lunch and a drink and return to port for early evening. Assuming the weather holds we will take a shot hop to the stunning bay of Cavaliere just short of the villa frequented by President Sarkozy as his mother in law owns it!! Always a good spot for visitors to get closer to their leaders.

Apart from that we have been busy with publicity and smiling at passers by whilst polishing and trying to look as chilled as possible. Its early in the season yet but the crowds are starting to build and the weather has finally settled for the better. We are on the second day of winds less than storm force and the sun has made a welcome return. We have another short term interruption currently scheduled for Friday (F4/5 gusting 7/8) but hopefully that will bear off towards Corsica and skirt past us for most of its cycle. Time will tell.

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bigsis June 21, 2011 at 01:54 AM

It all sounds good to me. Limping towards the end of a long hard academic year and so looking forward to being in France again. Turns out we will have wifi at the house so can stay in touch. Have a great season xxxx

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