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And after the storm.... another storm or two!!

June 17, 2011

We managed to get away from Cannes on a second attempt but only made it to Frejus due to continuing high seas that hadn’t settled down yet. As we approached Frejus the wind also puffed up and we had an exciting berthing in a 4 gusting 6 (as always on the beam for a stern to mooring!). Anyway we were tucked up at last and settled for a while.

Friday 10th June Frejus to Cavaliere Sur Mer

A nice trip down with some sailing, some motoring and the usual mixture of both. We saw the Capitaine who remembered Alexandra from last year and we got the best berth in the corner, all secure on every side until a German boat called Maverick (!) came alongside. The name was suitable but with help we got them tied up and settled down again. Rose had been a fabulous crew member and at this point was also a very useful extra fender. We had cocktails in the Rhumerie and Crepes (Savoury and sweet) ashore as a very pleasant change and a well deserved return into the southern French waters.

Saturday 11th June CSM to Le Lavandou

A nice short hop to Le Lav after a change of plan. We had intended to nip to Port Cros for a swim but once again the weather blew up and neither the crossing or the swim seemed attractive any more. Anyway, Le Lav slotted us in on the sea wall as it was their annual regatta and the port was virtually full. Great watching the racing in very testing conditions especially for 9-10 metre J class yachts.

Sunday 12th June .. and so to Bormes

We hopped across to Bormes to settle for the forthcoming promotions and day trips. The Capitaineriehave been very helpful and with the assistance of our French freind Vivianne we have hopefully negotiated a spot for the coming 6 weeks. They cannot guarantee the same spot each day but will do their utmost to accommodate us – we couldn’task for more than that. We have also set up our advertising in various places, visited hotels and are waiting for the bookings. There has already been good interest and we have some potential clients already. Fingers crossed for the coming days, as the weather is about to turn again with the dreaded “Mistral” being discussed.

p.s. Changed the cable between the Chartplotter and Autopilot as predicted to get the system working again. Also did  few little jobs and got Kinsale ready for her day trips. We shopped, cleaned and polished so she is looking ready. Had to mover her today to a temporary berth at the hammerhead of pontoon K whilst Kiriacoulis use our semi-temporary berth (910) for their change-over. So far so good with the Capitainerie though. We said farewell to Rose at Bormes, dropped her at the airport and raised a glas to our newly qualified competent crew (a royal gesture by queen Alexandra!). Come back any time Rose and we will finish the course with you, and thanks for all of your help.

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