From the Argolic to the Saronic, Sept 2010

N 37° 32' E 22° 55'

Vivardi Bay

September 22, 2010

Today’s destination is the almost completely landlocked anchorage of Vivardi Bay, which is 10 miles NE of Astrous.

There is no quay at Vivardi so will be anchoring off tonight.

Gillie and Steve are off exploring when our neighbouring boat wants to leave and their skipper is worried about whether we dropped our anchor over theirs in our late night re-mooring manoeuvre last night.

No problem! Phil and I pull Kerkyra out and come back side-to at the end of the quay where the large German yacht has already pulled out from.

When our explorers eventually return we all go back into the village on search of some food for tonight as we will probably need to eat aboard.

It is nearly lunch time when we eventually manage to get away but there is a fairly strong breeze blowing so it looks like being a good day for sailing.

As we leave the shelter of the headland it is obviously a little strong to have full sail up and we will need to reef but before we do I allow Kerkyra to feel the full power of the wind and heel right over…

I then put her into a heave to and ask the crew “Now will you go and find the safety harnesses and life-jackets that no-one could be bothered with yesterday?” (On a Pot Luck boat there is no official skipper so I couldn’t pull rank before we sailed!)

With everbody now fitted with a harness and a jacket, in case we need them, we take in a reef and can continue our voyage.

I get some questions about how I had stopped the boat so it is time to explain how to heave to and let crew practice it a few times and we decide to have lunch while we are stopped.

Back on course and we are sailing well until we close the eastern shore of the gulf when the wind starts to go very variable and then comes in with about a southerly Bf3.

We can then sail in through the entrance to Vivardi Bay, and see a fantastic rock formation on the shore that we nicknamed “Elephant Rock” (see photos).

Suddenly it gets even more strange, as we hear the sound of music reverberating around the bay. It sounds just like the bit in the sound-track of that old movie the “The Vikings” when the long-ships are returning to base…

On the shore we see two people blowing into long brass horns that must have been about  3 metres long..

Up to the head of the bay and pick an anchorage spot and we now to decide whether we row ashore for a meal or just cook something on-board.

Staying aboard wins so we eat in the cockpit and then sit chatting over a bottle of wine or two until eventually Phil gives in and retires and then eventually Gillie quietly drops off to sleep where she is.  Time to wake the crew and go below! 

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