From the Argolic to the Saronic, Sept 2010

N 37° 24' E 22° 46'


September 21, 2010

We slip out of Navplion past the harbour fort and set sail for Astrous with a gentle NW breeze.

Our flotilla lead boat, Kalamas, comes steaming past us, as we continue under sail.

We make our landfall on the western coast of the Argolic Gulf and the castle above Astrous shows that we have arrived in the correct place.

The harbour is fairly full, with two large yachts moored side-on taking up a lot of space and we will have to go right on the end of the quay, it could be a bumpy night!

The flotilla crews are meeting for a punch party tonight in the amphitheatre near the shore end of the quay and then going into the village for a meal.

After the meal we notice that a small motor cruiser has left the harbour and there is now a more sheltered space on the quay, so on with the navigation lights and we move Kerkyra round.


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