From the Argolic to the Saronic, Sept 2010

N 37° 40' E 23° 09'

Nea Epidhavros

October 02, 2010

Ok so it is lay off a course for New Epidhavros, course to steer 300 true 303 magnetic..

Oh yeah, of course I did that! No click on the waypoint that I had already entered for Nea Epidhavros, stick the GPS in front of the helsman and saying “keep the little red arrow pointing up!” for me…

Which method do you think I used?

Anyway there is little wind and we are nine miles from our alternate destination, so its on with the engine establish our cruising speed, look at Mr Garmin for our ETA and it is time to inform the lead crew of our change of plans. “Kalamas this is Kerkyra, Vathi is chock a block we are diverting to rejoin you in Nea Epidhavros, eta 18:15”

I understand that this was followed by some hilarity among the other crews with another boat calling up to give an eta of 16:40 (about 20 minutes later) and requesting mooring instructions and being told to “put it in neutral at 16:39 and call up again then!”

It looks like being a long plod across a calm sea when Steve thinks he has seen a fin, Dolphins? We haven’t seen any this trip so far…

Well there is something out there put it isn’t Dolphins they are two small and the fins ar more of a crescent shape. Hold on the tails are vertical (simple rule: tail vertical FISH, tail horizontal MAMMAL, think of the difference between a Shark and a Whale).

We have predatory fish feeding on a shoal of smaller fish. I think they were Tuna but then I’m no fisherman, and we didn’t even have a line and lure aboard. 

They are popping up all around us but despite my best efforts I couldn’t catch a good view of one on the camera. Using the video option did capture a glimpse or to put nothing spectacular.

Oh well excitement over and plod on!

Nothing much more happened on this paasage except for some nice rays of sunlight over the hills which I again failed to capture very well.

Off Nea Ephidhavros at 18:09 and its fenders and ropes please as we call in for mooring instructions.

“Kerkyra you are six minutes early”….   Come on stern to on the shore side of the two boats on the outside of the quay..  Plenty of room to manoeuvre so I put her in astern well off the quay, get up some steerage way, and then hand her over to Gillie to take her in.  A proper job this time!

Moored up and I spot a guy walking down the quay carrying something that I have never seen before, “Anyone for a bunch of oranges?”

The taverna meal that night was a good one, “No Martin you can’t take the cat home!”, and was followed up by a session in the bar that ended so I am told at about 02:30!

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