From the Argolic to the Saronic, Sept 2010

N 37° 36' E 23° 18'

Off Vathi

October 02, 2010

We pop out of the channel and there is a breeze coming up the channel between Methana and the western side of Agistri.

A breeze and sails showing going west along the Methana penninsula.  Lots of sails! I can count 10 yachts ahead of us all heading for the NW tip of Methana…

Where are they all going, oh **** there is only one possible destination, Vathi! A look to the east shows about another twenty yachts on the horizon and most of them coming our way, what is going on. OK it is a Saturday we are about 25 miles away from Athens, think of Cowes  on a Saturday night someone has a regatta on.

I know that Olyimpia is also planning on going to Vathi tonight, so I call her up on the VHF to warn here that it looks like it is going to be busy.

In fact they are already off Vathi and about to moor up and they confirm that it is getting full.

We reach the point of Methana and there is a buoy with a red flag in the water and a blue flag by the church on the point with two people sitting on the point.

Any guesses that this is the finish line for the race! Closer examination shows that the blue flag is through the middle of a table with two chairs by it and two cans of beer on it. The two guys on the point were doing a bit of fishing as there were no real yachts getting close to the line. (Tourists don’t count as real yachts to racing guys!)

(Caution: Watch out my Garmin showed a dangerous rock off this point with over 20 metres of water around it. Not one that you could see. Give it a wide berth!)

Another call to Olympia to check on the mooring situation and they say that it is getting full in Vathi with boats rafting up everywhere. Ok it is decision time, we know there are at least another twenty boats coming. Do we go into Vathi or divert?

Discretion takes the better part of valour and we decide to divert and rejoin the flotilla up in Nea Epidhavros.



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