From the Argolic to the Saronic, Sept 2010

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Nisis Dhoroussa

October 02, 2010

Well today the fleet are going to Nea Epidhavros but some of us are feeling adventurous and going off alone.

Gillie visited Vathi, on Methana, in a previous trip out here and would like to go back. It looks like a quiet little place so why not.

Kerkyra pulls out and then comes back in again, several times… Very odd to any one watching especially as we aren’t dropping the anchor.

OK its crew training time again, Gillie wanted to practice reversing as her last couple of attempts at mooring haven’t gone completely to plan.

Well these latest attempts are better, with a bit more control, but I have to say to myself that if we had been doing it for real the lead crew would have waved us off to do it again. Still we all have to learn sometime…

The course to Vathi is quite simple follow the west coast of Agistri to the SW end, head across to the NW corner of Methana, round the corner and there it is.

Well so we set off out of the harbour, left hand down a bit, and straight down the coast towards Nisis Dhoroussa, the little island just off the SW tip of Agistri.

There is a channel between Agistri and Dhoroussa which is written up in the pilot book as “deep and free of dangers in the fairway” so we slip through it.

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