From the Argolic to the Saronic, Sept 2010

N 37° 15' E 23° 09'

Baltiza Creek, Spetses

September 25, 2010

Moorings on Spetses for visiting yachts are not that plentiful.

The pilotage guide shows a few possible locations in Baltiza Creek, but many will require anchoring with a long line ashore.

We motor up the creek looking at yachts anchored with lines ashore, but then spot a possible mooring point on a little stone quay on the port side, but we continue up towards the far end of the creek.

Here the little fishing caiques are moored about three deep so it doesn’t look  favourable for a 361, so we turn around and head back to go stern to on the little quay.

A local fisherman helps us in by taking our stern lines and we are safely moored up. A quick call on the VHF and I manage to contact the lead boat over in Porto Kheli to report our save arrival.

Taking a run ashore to look around I find plenty of signs of the boatbuilding for which Spetses is famous.

I also find that we are tied up near to a park with several modern art metal sculptures.

Up on the hill is a little chapel which is decorated with ribbons, it looks like there is  going to be a wedding this evening.

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