From the Argolic to the Saronic, Sept 2010

N 37° 16' E 23° 09'

Beating down to Spetses

September 25, 2010

We round the lighthouse on Nisos Petrokarovo and we get some wind at last funnelling up the channel between Spetses and the mainland.

Steve is on the helm and Gillie is lying down with her normal two cushions

As we pass the entrance to Porto Kheli the wind starts to build and we are tacking into a strengthening breeze.

The cushions go below, and Gillie takes over on the helm…

One reef in both the genoa and the main and we are still heeling enough for Phil to get out his lifejacket, but Gillie is having fun.

A second reef in the genoa? No we are off Baltiza creek and it is easier to furl the sails and motor into the creek to look for a mooring space.


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