From the Argolic to the Saronic, Sept 2010

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September 24, 2010

Well it turned out that today’s trip is in fact going to be a very short one, just down the coast to the harbour of Plaka, which actually serves the village of Leonido.

We were having some trouble with the instruments yesterday so I stay with the boat and get the engineer over to check the electrics out whilst Phil and Gillie go off in search of the bakery.

It finally gets tracked down to the fact that the battery voltage is low, not enough running of the engine probably.

We pull out and cruise down to the next village of Sampatiki (where there is a new harbour) for lunch, but decide to anchor in the bay outside for a swim and lunch instead of actually using the quay.

One of the other flotilla boats came in and anchored close by and then gave us a demonstration of bare-bottom boating, i.e. naturist swimming….

We then continued on down to Plaka which for once proved a little more difficult to locate from seaward. After a few discussions about its location from among the crew we finally located it by matching a blue building on the shore with one that appeared in the photos in the company’s brochure.

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