From the Argolic to the Saronic, Sept 2010

N 37° 34' E 22° 47'

Preparing to get underway

September 21, 2010

I am up early and slip off the boat to explore Naplvion.

The citadel dominates the town and I make my way towards it and then start the climb up the winding stairway stopping every so often to take in the view (and catch my breath!)

I meet a few joggers who seem to use this as their morning run, but I take it at my own pace.

There are a couple of small birds flitting around checking in the crevices between the stones. Getting a photo of them is tricky but eventually one sits on the top of a wall long enough for me to capture a decent shot.

It looks like a nuthatch to me, but I wouldn’t have expected them in a stoney habitat.

Back to the boat to collect the rest of the crew and then over to the local bar where the flotilla skipper is to give us his first briefing.

Our destination today is Astrous, about 10 miles to the SSE.

We head for the local supermarket and start selecting provisions. There seem to be a lot of spaces on the shelves as the local transport situation has been made difficult by a strike of the drivers of fuel tankers which has in turn made it difficult for delivery trucks.

There seems to be a shortage of beer but we manage to find enough for a day or so…

Gillie manages to locate a bottle of Gin but then has to go off again in search of a shop with any tonic water. Sucess! So we are stored ready for sea. 


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