From the Argolic to the Saronic, Sept 2010

N 37° 34' E 22° 47'


September 20, 2010

After a four hour flight from London and a two hour coach journey I arrived in Navplion in the dark.

For this trip I am going on another of Sailing Holidays “Share a Yacht” flotilla trips, still usually refered to by us older folks as “Pot Luck”, i.e. I don’t know who I am sailing with until I get to the boat…

We were all on the coach together, and I have picked out two possible “singles” but it is only when we get off that my suspicions are confirmed and I meet up with Steve, Phil and Gillie.

Our home for the next two weeks is a Beneteau 361 called Kerkyra.

It is fairly late so it is a case of introducing ourselves, a quick allocation of cabins, and a cup of tea before venturing back ashore in search of a late evening meal.

Navplion is dominated by its Venetian citadel which is floodlit and there is also a smaller fort sitting in the harbour entrance which is also lit-up.

Many of the restuarants and bars along the waterfront are still open but we venture a few streets inland to avoid the “waterfront prices”.

A little “taverna in the street” provides us with a fairly basic meal and then its back to the boat for to sit chatting in the cockpit whilst taking in the atmosphere of Napvlion.

Oops that earlier cup of tea used up the little milk tubs from the “welcome pack” but luckily there is a convience store which is still open right opposite the boat where we can obtain such essential supplies.

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