Miss Savanna 2010

S 23° 49' E 151° 14'

Tin Can Bay to Gladstone

October 06, 2010

After saying good-bye to our very good friends, who where leaving to drive back to South Australia, we packed up and left for Burrent Heads.

We motored sailed, with very little wind but we got up to 10knts (assistance with tidal current).  Had quite a few dolphins comming along for the ride, and saw a couple of small whales.

We spent the night at Bunderberg Marina, and left early in the morning to head to Pancake Creek.

Pancake creek was quite full, we only stayed 1 night there and left again in the morning for Gladstone Marina.We meet some lovely people in Gladstone Marina who where going south, had a few good nights with them. Re-stocked with goodies and after a few days left again.

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