Miss Savanna 2010

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Miss Savanna arrival in Port of Brisbane, Australia

August 26, 2010

Miss Savanna arrives on dock in the Port of Brisbane, but we couldnt get to her after she was lifted down into the water, as the H&S laws here, did not allow us to board her from the warf on a ladder (unlike the UK), so Dave and I had to hire a tender to drive us out there and wait in the water for her to be lifted down, then we could hop on. Small little details were not told to us, as we didnt know anyone in Brissy with a tender, it was a quite expensive little tip to know for next time.

On board we started the engines first time, (she did well) only slightly worried when we where floating towards the docks. The hired tender went on their way and the warfies on the dock were no where to be seen!!! Friday after 3pm….

With our paper charts on board (we did’nt have any electronic charts on board) we made our way to Morten Bay Trailer Boat Club Marina. We made it on dusk and moored up on the nearest pontoon we could find!

It was enough excitement for the day, many more to come…

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