Miss Savanna 2010

S 22° 32' E 150° 45'

Pt. Clinton

October 18, 2010

We left for Pt. Clinton on Monday morning, the weather was perfect. Although we motored/sailed most of the way.

Upon arriving we were the 2nd yacht in, by the next day there was 15 yachts anchored. We were all waiting for the weather again to pass.

Our friends from Isabella arrived the following day, (its so nice to have girl company)….

We spent 6 days in Pt. Clinton which was very relaxing, I caught my first fish, although I put him back as he was undersized. There were a few rainy days in between were I was going slightly cabin fever, but all in all it was nice.

I discovered how much I dislike mud as we went walking to try and get yabbies! No yabbies or any good size fish caught….
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