Miss Savanna 2010

S 21° 38' E 150° 14'

Middle Percy Island

October 25, 2010

Arrived Middle Percy late afternoon, to a glorious palm lined island, and of course the famous hut…

A walk through “the hut” is a must do… It is quite unquie and a little spooky at times…

We had sundowners on the beach and a beautiful mackrel for dinner (thanks to Dave who caught it on the way over).

The following morning we up anchored and sail over to Curfew Island for the night before leaving to Mackay Marina.


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S 22° 00' E 150° 21'

Hexham Island

October 24, 2010

Arrived Hexham Island about lunchtime. What a beautiful Island, the water was so clear and blue. The beach was so white and clean.

Dave and I got the tender off and went over to the beach for a look, then off to some serious fishing… I caught heaps of fish, we had enough for 3 nights, it cerntainly helped pass the afternoon.

Finishing the day and night with fish, sundowners and good friends and more wine!

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S 22° 32' E 150° 45'

Pt. Clinton

October 18, 2010

We left for Pt. Clinton on Monday morning, the weather was perfect. Although we motored/sailed most of the way.

Upon arriving we were the 2nd yacht in, by the next day there was 15 yachts anchored. We were all waiting for the weather again to pass.

Our friends from Isabella arrived the following day, (its so nice to have girl company)….

We spent 6 days in Pt. Clinton which was very relaxing, I caught my first fish, although I put him back as he was undersized. There were a few rainy days in between were I was going slightly cabin fever, but all in all it was nice.

I discovered how much I dislike mud as we went walking to try and get yabbies! No yabbies or any good size fish caught….
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S 23° 41' E 151° 35'

Roslyn Bay

October 15, 2010

We arrived in Roslyn Bay in the afternoon, at the Marina. Comming into the Marina is a very pretty site. Having been there before (1994) it has certainly change quite abit, and the palm trees lined across the top make a beautiful picture.

We took a drive out to Nob Creek Pottery, it’s about 45k out of Yeppoon, travelling north. Its worth the drive however its quite expensive of some of the items in the shop.

We had a good friend from Blackwater come and stay with us for the weekend, and we all had a really good time, it was so nice to catch up again after many, many years.

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S 23° 10' E 150° 46'

Gladstone Marina to Roslyn Bay Marina

October 14, 2010

We left Gladstone Marina early in the morning of the 14th October to catch the morning high tide, crossing through the north channel.

Being our first crossing through the channel, and we had heard all these stories, all in all it was quite good, although the seas were a bit confused.

I took a sea sickness tablet, and was asleep for most of it, (being lack of photos) Dave had the helm all day, and did very well by himself.

We managed to get sails up but not without engines still running as there was not enough wind just for sails. As we knew the weather was changing again, we just wanted to get to somewhere safe and wait till the weather passes.


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S 23° 49' E 151° 14'

Tin Can Bay to Gladstone

October 06, 2010

After saying good-bye to our very good friends, who where leaving to drive back to South Australia, we packed up and left for Burrent Heads.

We motored sailed, with very little wind but we got up to 10knts (assistance with tidal current).  Had quite a few dolphins comming along for the ride, and saw a couple of small whales.

We spent the night at Bunderberg Marina, and left early in the morning to head to Pancake Creek.

Pancake creek was quite full, we only stayed 1 night there and left again in the morning for Gladstone Marina.We meet some lovely people in Gladstone Marina who where going south, had a few good nights with them. Re-stocked with goodies and after a few days left again.

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S 25° 54' E 153° 00'

Leaving Manly to Tin Can Bay

September 26, 2010

We left Morten Bay Trailer Boat Club Marina on the Sunday morning about 6am. There was no wind for us so we motored up the coast to Mooloolaba and anchored in the Mooloolaba River for the night. We left our anchored spot in the morning at about 1am to catch the right tides across the Wide Bay Bar. We anchored in Pelicilin Point for 2 nights and 2 days,. Still haven’t caught any fish or crabs!!!!!!

Upon leaving Pelicilin Point we sailed to Tin Can Bay Marina, for a few days, as we were meeting some good friends from Adelaide.

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S 27° 27' E 153° 11'


August 27, 2010

Well we are in Manly finaly and Miss Savanna has been unloaded and we motored her here from the wharf to the Morten Bay Trailer Boat Club Marina.

We have found these guys very friendly and it is an easy place to get to anywhere in Brisbane. There is also an active social group here and you will have a good time.

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S 27° 29' E 153° 03'

Miss Savanna arrival in Port of Brisbane, Australia

August 26, 2010

Miss Savanna arrives on dock in the Port of Brisbane, but we couldnt get to her after she was lifted down into the water, as the H&S laws here, did not allow us to board her from the warf on a ladder (unlike the UK), so Dave and I had to hire a tender to drive us out there and wait in the water for her to be lifted down, then we could hop on. Small little details were not told to us, as we didnt know anyone in Brissy with a tender, it was a quite expensive little tip to know for next time.

On board we started the engines first time, (she did well) only slightly worried when we where floating towards the docks. The hired tender went on their way and the warfies on the dock were no where to be seen!!! Friday after 3pm….

With our paper charts on board (we did’nt have any electronic charts on board) we made our way to Morten Bay Trailer Boat Club Marina. We made it on dusk and moored up on the nearest pontoon we could find!

It was enough excitement for the day, many more to come…

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N 50° 50' W 01° 29'

Miss Savanna departure from UK to Australia

July 13, 2010

Miss Savanna left Brighton Marina, UK on the 13th July 2010 and we sailed her along the coast to Southampton where she was to be lifted out and placed inside a large ship for her transport to Brisbane, Australia.

We used Peters & May for the transport across the miles, and they were very professional about the job. (lovely chaps)… Our contract was water to water.

It was quite scary seeing her being lifted out of the water, as she was our home now… It all happened quite quickly, as the guys didnt muck around. We had 30knt winds, and the tide was going out. We thought they might not lift her, but it all went ahead with no hicups.. Thankgod…

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