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Best Sailing Season in Greece:

September 20, 2010

Greece is one of those amazing destinations with year-round idyllic weather. For those looking at chartering a yacht the first thing one should ask is – when is the best sailing season in Greece? It generally kicks off from mid-March running right through to late October, an extensive season indeed. So with the official start of the Greek sailing in March, the weather warming up, the Greeks begin the start of the season preparing for their favourite time of year – Orthodox Easter, which is celebrated on 24th April in 2011. This is soon followed by the long mid-year break, when the temperatures soar and the peak months for yacht charters in Greece see an abundance of boats from all over the world enjoying the beauty of the Greek coastline. July and August are notably the busiest months of the year when schools are closed for summer holidays and the European coast is flooded with tourists. However for sailing boats the peak season is very dependant on the weather and the infamous coastal winds. The western Greek islands, that being Corfu, Zakynthos and Lefkas are preferred by yacht charters during the high season due to the calmer less riskier sailing conditions. The Greek islands to the east of Greece in the Dodecanese, Cyclades and North Aegean tend to be belted by the strong Aegean Meltemi winds, which can make for a less comfortable journey. That is not to say the Eastern Greek islands should not be visited. The tail end of the Greek sailing season, mid-September to October, sees less ferocious winds in the Aegean region and makes islands trips in this area less arduous than what one would experience in earlier months of the year. Generally it is a more favourable time of year to set sail in Greece. There are late sailing deals to be found, less crowded shorelines and desirable temperatures right through to the start of Autumn – set sail for the late season today!




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