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Touchrain Arrives in Sitka

July 04, 2011

Quick note by Jan while Michael sleeps:


Touchrain arrived in Sitka Alaska today after a 19 day passage from Kauai.  All are well. Their arrival co-insided with the Sitka Fourth of July Parade.   Details of passage to follow—but their last night at sea brought a gale and all aboard were much relieved to reach dry land.


Michael joined Jan, her daughter Nicki and the two dogs in the Super 8 Motel!  Ben and Brendan joined them for a quick hot tub, laundry tasks and headed off to catch the midnight ferry to Juneau.  Oh, the energy of youth!


Michael was relieved to have a warm, dry place to sleep—everything below on Touchrain is soaked following the passage.  Drying our cushions will prove to be much more complicated than following passages to Mexico and Hawaii where laying everything on the deck for a few hours worked a charm.

Michael estimates it will take him a minimum of 7 days to put the boat back in shape mechanically……a very eventful passage.

The ship they sailed from Hawaii with pulled in to a slip within a couple of hours.  (Witte Raffe)



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