Jonathan-Livingston underway

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Morbihan to Redon

August 14, 2010

I took the late out going tide and wizzed out of Gulf du Morbihan at 13 knots over ground (that’s about twice as fast as the boat can go in still water).  A lazy sail on the genoa got the timig right for entry into the Vilaine estuary. Despite spring tides, it was deeper than expected. 

Then the disappointment. On reaching the lock, at 17:00, next opening at 21:00 instead of 18:00 as advertised. I moored up alongside Barola on a buoy to wait. At 21:00 some 20 boats rushed the gates. 

The lock keeper did a stalwart job of organising chaos and surprisingly all were squeezed in. Only a rise of maybe 30 cm and the gates were opened again for a mad dash to the nearly Port d’Arvzal marina.  I had wanted to reach La Roche Bernard, but turned back and took a buoy because of the closing darkness.  I should have dropped anchor elsewhere, the buoy cost 25 euro.

La Roche Bernard was full as I motored past the following morning. 

I shall try to get in for a night on my return.  Up the pretty river to Redon was uneventful, apart from another scrabble to get though the swing bridge at Cran

and meeting Saint Germain, a bulk carrier, on a bend by Rieux.

Redon is a node on the canal network, so more pleasure cruisers than yachts and attendant chaos in the marina. 

Jonathan-Livingston and Zamia (fellow CA members) were shoe-horned into berths 55 and 56. It’s a good collection point. EOS-II is returning to Schaarbeek in Brussels, Briseis (seen in Brest, Lorient and Sauzon) is well established and Start Again is expected tomorrow.

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