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CLA Game fair

July 07, 2010

Went to the Cla game fair, which we do every year, but we are so engrossed in sailing that we no longer found the day as interesting as we usually do, well apart from the pimms tent in the members enclosure.  That never fails to disappoint.  While we were there we got talking to a couple of people and one man who is a regular sailor was telling Richard how wonderful his boat is.  I appreciate that what ever boat you have it will be the best boat, anyway his was an Island Packet, we had a look on the net when we came home and they do look nice, though Richard has all of a sudden become drawn to the Sun Odysey, Around a 45 fter, the other gentleman we were speaking to was raving about a Southerly,  If anyone has any views, we would love to hear them.  We are after a comfortable yacht, as we will be living on it 24/7, so feel it will have to be an owners version, not a charter spec.

Tracey 7th July 2010

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