Idling in the Ionian on IDA, May 2010

N 38° 26' E 20° 41'

Contrary Winds again

May 19, 2010

Drifting and then motoring along hoping for some breeze we finally get some and yes it is on the nose again!

Beating south between Meganissi and Kalamos we find that as the closer we get to the tip of Meganissi the more the wind seems to be shifting from SW towards the W.

We clear Meganissi and yes it is a westerly and we want to go west!

We beat across towards Ithaca and it starts to shift towards NW as we get a bit more of the Levkas effect, still at least we are sailing and there is enough wind to need to reef.

“Kioni is quite a small harbour so aim to get in before 5pm or you might have to raft up” thats what the skipper said at this morning’s briefing.

Well its only about 4pm as we approach and the VHF is busy as the fleet is trickling in then we start hearing things like: “Get a move on we are running out of spaces already” and “Don’t worry about dropping your kedge I’ll take it out in the rib, just get into that space before that other flotilla can grab it”

This is only May and yet it sounds more like the Ionian in August! 

This area is getting too popular!

Well IDA is the last boat in from our group and we end up side on to the end of the quay. Not too bad, except that there are two other boats from our fleet between us and the quay.

And looking out to sea there are another ten boats still heading in…

There will be a fair number anchored off on the other side of the harbour, with long lines ashore to stop them swinging,tonight.

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Carlina June 05, 2010 at 09:34 PM

Good to read your holiday blog. Takes us back to our own Sailing Holidays experiences. Like so many who gained their experiences with flotilla sailing, we have now invested in our own boat to live the dream.

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