Idling in the Ionian on IDA, May 2010

N 38° 41' E 20° 48'

Off on the Scenic Route again

May 19, 2010

Weather has improved so today’s destination is Kioni on Ithaca.

“Down the Meganissi Channel, leave Arkudi to starbaord and it will be in front of you”

Not for the IDA it won’t as we pull out early to get some miles under us. The plan is to go around Kalamos down to Atoko and across. This may be a bit adventurous, and possiby a bit long but we can always cut it short if the wind isn’t right.

We beat North East fron Meganissi until we can hold a course that will speed us over to the northern end of Kalamos and then we are flying…

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